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Un-Containerized cargoes

Suresh Kumar GWCS has grown to be one of the excellences and specialized port logistics service providers in PSA Singapore in terms of quality in the handling of un-containerized cargoes.

Un-containerized cargoes refer to cargoes exceeding the container payload by weight or have dimensions affecting the use of the lifting points. We specialize in the lifting process in order to ensure that the un-containerized cargoes are loaded onto or discharged from the vessel with due care.

We have been involved include yachts, Oil rigs, Compressors, train carriage and propellers.


Salvage and reworking of containers

We have been carried out salvage and reworking of containers services which involve the process of recovering containers after a ship collision or other maritime casualty.


DG Reworking Services

Managing Dangerous Goods (DG) reworking requires special expertise, care and detailing. We have built a formidable reputation in DG reworking services with our dedicated operations team who have a thorough understanding of handling cargoes with Ports, Warehouse and other premises. We offer innovative Cargo Handling solutions as well as technical services to manage the project completely from start to finish, ensuring Safety and timely completion of projects.


Transloading Bulk Cargo

We strongly believe that we are the one who has Bulk Cargo Trans-loader equipment (Pneumatic Conveyor)in Singapore.  We are providing excellent transloading services in handling loose cargo like grains, Ores, etc.,

Handling loose cargo is significantly different from handling liquids or packaged goods. Each dry bulk material presents its own unique challenge as well. Each of these materials has its own properties that affect how it moves, its susceptibility to contamination or degradation, and tendency to corrode vessels 


Canvassing leaking / Damaged Container


Temp. Patching / Repair Container

We provide temp. patch work and small repair services on the damaged / leaking containers in emergency basic / 24 x 7.


Lashing damaged Container

We have been carried out lashing services of damaged containers either On-board vessel and Container Storage Yard.


On-board vessel / Yard Cleaning services

We have been carried out On-board vessel and Yard cleaning services which involve the process of cleaning spillage cargo, proper disposal, canvassing and lashing the damaged / leaking containers including DG cargo.


Manual removal / Hot works cutting of Jammed Twist Locks

We have been providing services for manual removal / Hot works cutting of jammed / Stuck Twist locks on both top and bottom corner costing of Container.


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